How to install Flash on your iPhone 4

Rizwan Anwer

As you may or may not know a hacker/developer by the alias of comex was able to port Flash on the Apple iPhone 4 no one expected the results to be this good, as you can see in the below video, not only does this ported flash give perfect flash playback but also perfect sound.

The video and tutorial are from Redmond Pie for flash to work you will have to jail break your iPhone 4 which may be a little tricky and if done wrong can cause problems in your iPhone and in some cases even brick it so be careful when jail breaking your iPhone 4.

The tutorial can be found Here

Right under Adobe's and Apple's noses flash has come to the iPhone, while they are bickering amongst them selves hackers are doing what they are supposed to be doing. (Well Adobe at least)

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