Install Latest CWM Recovery on Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4


Having a custom recovery tool on an Android device makes it more useful than not. If you are an advanced user and want to have some fun with the power of Android, consider installing this latest version of CWM recovery on your Verizon Galaxy S4. It lets you perform several operations and flash custom ROMs. Get the most from your Android device or make it completely custom. Here is a detailed guide to install CWM on Verizon Galaxy S4.

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Prerequisites to install CWM on Verizon Galaxy S4:

Please check these prerequisites before going forward to the Verizon CWM installation guide.

  • Download and install USB drivers for Galaxy S4 in your computer.
  • Make sure to take backup of any important files on your smartphone.
  • Enable USB debugging option by pressing Menu > Settings > Applications. Navigate and tap on Developer Options to ensure that USB Debugging is enabled.
  • Ensure that your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 carries more than 70% of charge.

How to install CWM on Verizon Galaxy S4:

Required files: download and set up Android SDK for your computer from this link and set it up. Also download the latest version of CWM recovery for Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 from this link. Save the file on your desktop and unzip it in the same folder as ADB.

  • Connect your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 with your computer using a USB cable.
  • Go to the ADB folder and open a command prompt window: hold Shift key on your keyboard and Right Click > select Open command window here.
  • Type the following commands (data/local/tmp/ refers to the path of your recovery file):
    • adb push recovery.lok /data/local/tmp/
    • adb push loki_flash /data/local/tmp/
  • Now go to ADB shell and flash the latest CWM recovery on Verizon Galaxy S4 by typing these commands:
    • adb shell
    • su
    • chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/local_flash
    • /data/local/tmp/loki_flash recovery /data/local/tmp/recovery.lok
  • If everything has gone perfectly, you will see a message informing you of Loki flashing being finished.
  • Once you receive the completion message, you can disconnect your Galaxy S4 and enter it into recovery mode!

Ta da! The latest version of ClockworkMod recovery is installed on your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4. Check out some of the most popular Android 4.4 based custom ROMs.