Instagram Will Now Let Users Know of Outages and Technical Issues


Facebook, along with all of its services, including WhatsApp and Instagram, suffered from a massive outage last week, and businesses worldwide, including our communication at Wccftech, went down for a good few hours. Following the incident, Instagram has started testing a feature that will alert the users of outages and technical issues. The feature will push notifications in the Activity Feed every time Instagram goes through a technical issue and another one when the company finally fixes the issue.

Instagram Will Make it Easier for You to Know When the Services are Down

In a recent blog post, Instagram has highlighted that it has already started testing the new feature in the U.S., and it plans to continue to test for the next few months. While it is not currently planning to expand the feature to the rest of the regions, it probably will roll out widely in the future.

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Looking at the attached images, a technical issue notification will appear at the top of the Activity Feed. The notification will inform users which Instagram feature is affected by the technical issue, and users will be able to tap on it and see all the relevant details. Once Instagram fixes the issue, a similar notification will appear at the top of the Activity Feed. It is not clear how the service will manage the push notifications to users if it faces a massive outage like it did last week.

In addition to the outage alerts, Instagram is also rolling out a new tool called Account Status. The tool will let users check what is happening with their account and content distribution all in one place. It will also tell users when their account is at the risk of being disabled, how their content is distributed and if it has been removed.

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If users believe that their content has been removed by mistake, the new tool will let them easily appeal the decision Instagram made using the "Request a Review" button.

The company plans on adding more features to the Account Status tool in the coming months. We are currently not sure if similar features will make their way to WhatsApp and Facebook, but we will keep you posted if that happens.