Instagram Web DM Feature Rolled Out For A Small Percentage Of People – Complete Roll Out Expected Soon

Instagram Web DM

Instagram has been accessible via the web, but it didn’t allow users to fully utilize it. The DM feature wasn’t available for the web but now the social media application is bringing the direct messages to web as well. So, in case your phone battery dies down or your phone isn’t available to you for some reason, you can always login on your computer and check your messages. The rollout begins today, but is a test at this stage. A wide scale Instagram Web DM rollout will probably happen some time in the future.

Instagram Web DM Feature - Yay Or Nay

The feature is going to be same as the one we get on our mobiles. You will be able to start chats, send messages, create groups, ‘like’ a message, share photos etc. If you enable desktop notifications, you will also receive notifications for Instagram. The company will ‘continue to iterate’ during the test stage. It seems that the company has placed a lot of focus on social media messaging over the past year. Zuckerberg told the NYT that ‘private messaging, groups and Stories’ were the ‘three fastest growing areas of communication’.

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The new Instagram web DM features is in line with the thought process of Zuckerberg. The feature will allow users more flexibility and will reduce reliance on mobiles for accessing this extremely popular application. The CEO has expressed a desire to allow Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram users to message each regardless of the platform they are using. I don’t know about you, but this is an amazing feature and if this happens, the old SMS is going to die down pretty soon.

If you are someone who relies more on their laptops than anything, then you will understand why this feature is actually going to be very popular. I often forget where I placed by phone and I always check my messages on the web. So, if this feature is fully rolled out, I will be thankful that I can utilize my Instagram completely without my phone.

What do you thing? Is this a Yay or Nay for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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