Facebook and Instagram are Threatening Users to Turn on Tracking in iOS 14.5 Otherwise they Will Start Charging for their Services

Uzair Ghani
Facebook and Instagram is asking iPhone users to enable tracking

Apple ruffled a few feathers in the tech space with the addition of a new Do Not Track feature - Facebook and Instagram are now taking things on the offensive.

Facebook and Instagram to iPhone Users: Let us Track You or Else we Will Charge You for Our Services

With iOS 14.5, you can ask apps to not track you across services and different apps. Tracking is just a creepy thing to do. This is how services like Facebook and Instagram survive unfortunately, offering users targeted ads while snooping through the path you walk through social media. That last part means you are essentially giving up on your privacy completely, something which a lot of people aren't so keen on giving up.

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Realizing what Apple has done, Facebook and Instagram are now throwing pop-ups at users, asking them to enable tracking otherwise they will start charging money for the service. If that does not sound like a threat, then we do not know what is.

To help people make a more informed decision, we're also showing a screen of our own, along with Apple's. It will provide more information about how we use personalized ads, which support small businesses and keep apps free. If you accept the prompts for Facebook and Instagram, the ads you see on those apps won't change. If you decline, you will still see ads, but they will be less relevant to you. Agreeing to these prompts doesn't result in Facebook collecting new types of data. It just means that we can continue to give people better experiences.

The thing is, asking users to enable tracking in favor of an incentive is something which Apple does not permit. There is a chance that Apple might actually end up booting these apps from its store completely.

But we will see how it goes from here.

We highly recommend updating to iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 as it packs a bunch of new features, fixes loads of bugs and of course, keeps your safe and secure:

If you are not keen on giving away your data for targeted ads, then be sure to follow this tutorial:

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