Instagram is Preparing a New Practice Mode for Live and is Rolling Out Live Scheduling

Furqan Shahid
Instagram is Preparing a New Practice Mode for Live, is Rolling Out Live Scheduling

Instagram seems to be working hard towards relating new features, especially after last week's outage. Earlier this week, the company started testing a new feature that would alert the users of the outage. It also rolled out a new Account Status tool that would help users understand and find out if their account is at the risk of being deleted. Now, Instagram has decided to announce a new feature for Live creators to schedule their upcoming Live stream.

Instagram is Rolling Out New Features That Will Help Live Creators

In a recent tweet, Instagram revealed that the new Live Scheduling feature has started rolling out to users and will let all Live creators schedule their Live streams up to 90 days in advance. After scheduling a Live event, creators will be able to share it through Stories and Feed posts. Followers will see an option to set reminders for upcoming live Streams in such posts, and they will also be given a notification when the Live stream is about to start.

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In addition to that, the company is also working on a new tool that will help Live creators join their guests ahead of the scheduled Live event to test their connection, lighting and manage other ore-show preparations. The tool is called "Practice Mode" and has been in development since December last year. This was revealed to TechCrunch.

However, Instagram has not shared any information about when the Practice Mode tool will start rolling out, but it does look like a pretty good feature that should make the experience of going live a whole lot easier.

It is nice to see Instagram rolling out some features for the live streamers because despite being the app made for photo blogging, having such features will only attract more audience and help feel the existing audience feel at home.

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