Inno3D Shows Off iChill GTX Titan Accelero Hybrid Liquid Cooled GPU


We already got the word that NVIDIA gave the greenligt to their AIB partners to manufactuer their custom variants of the recently released GeForce GTX Titan GPU. Computerbase over at the CeBIT 2013 have unveiled that Inno3D could possibly be the first to offer a fully custom version of the GeForce GTX Titan GPU with their latest creation, the iChill GTX Titan Accelero Hybrid.

Inno3D Offers Monstrous Cooling WIth iChill GTX Titan Accelero Hybrid

Inno3D's iChill GTX Titan Accelero Hybrid uses the same ARCTIC Accelero Hybrid cooler that has been available and fits on the Radeon HD 7970 and GeForce GTX 680 flagship GPUs. ARCTIC has now added further compatibility of their cooling solution to the GeForce GTX Titan and hence Inno3D which have a partnership with ARCTIC in offering GPUs with their cooler under the iChill branding have released the iChill GTX Titan Accelero Hybrid.

Not much has changed design wise with the iChill GTX Titan Accelero Hybrid, it uses the reference design heatsink with just a ARCTIC Accelero Hybrid cooler strapped on top of the GK110 core except that this wasn't possible with the GeForce GTX 690 since NVIDIA didn't allow it. The GeForce GTX Titan reference model which looks alot like the GTX 690 and costs a hefty $1000 has been given the greenlight to be custom made by AIBs which is a good thing but these custom models would just keep adding on the cost for an already expensive yet awesome GPU.

It was also revealed that the iChill GTX Titan Accelero Hybrid is a factory overclocked model since the Accelero Hybrid cooler offers great cooling performance to the GPU itself but Inno3D didn't mention them yet. It could be possible that the clock speeds (reference 837/876 MHz) can be clocked at around 950/1000 MHz mark given the cost of the cooler and the GPU itself. Inno3d didn't mention pricing nor availability of the iChill GTX Titan Accelero Hybrid.

ARCTIC did mentioned that their Accelero Extreme III and Accelero Twin Turbo II coolers now are fully compatible with the GeForce GTX Titan GPUs.

Images Courtesy of Computerbase!