Infinity: Battlescape Tries To Get Funding On Kickstarter


Gamers who play on PC and are fond of space simulators should be familiar with Infinity. Development of the I-Novae Engine began over ten years ago, in 2004, but I-Novae Studios was never able to properly develop the actual game until now.

Infinity was originally meant to be a full fledged MMO where thousands of gamers played in a persistent world. However, that plan was put on hold in 2013 when the team decided to go forward with Infinity: Battlescape, because the original scope would have required a huge budget to accomplish.

Infinity: Battlescape, now on Kickstarter to get funding, will just be a multiplayer combat game. The scope remains ambitious, though: a full scale solar system will be featured, with dozens of planets and moons and hundreds of players fighting it out.

There's even a stretch goal at $1.5 million that would brings semi-persistence into Infinity: Battlescape:

Our $1.5 million stretch goal is to make Battlescape semi-persistent with the opportunity for players to build infrastucture. You will be able to place new space stations, planetary bases, and factories. Space stations will come in two different sizes: large and small. Both small space stations and planetary bases can spawn small to medium sized spacecraft. Large space stations will be the only entity in the game capable of spawning, rearming, and refueling capital starships.

If the semi-persistent stretch goal is achieved, every time a team receives credits its members will have some additional choices to make:

  • Buy powerful new ships and weapons for a better offense.
  • Build more factories to increase the team's rate of resource acquisition.
  • Build more space stations and planetary bases so that you can spawn closer to your objectives, be they offensive or defensive in nature

Unfortunately, the campaign won't go anywhere near that. Funding is currently at 94% with three days left; after all, Infinity is late to its own party, with Elite: Dangerous, Star Citizen and more great space simulators released or upcoming. Still, here's the latest combat montage - it should you help make an informed decision about pledging or not.