Increase Attachment File Size For Secondary Accounts On Gmail App


Google's Gmail app for Android allowed users to integrate several email addresses into a single app, allowing for a truly master app from which you can manage and control your information. But, if you're a non-gmail user, then you'll see your file attachment size limit decrease to a virtually non-existent 5 MB, something which can barely accommodate a medium quality mp3 file these days. But fortunately, there's a work around for this courtesy of a new Xposed Module that'll make away with this limit and increase attachment size to 25 MB.

Increase File Attachment Size For Non-Gmail Accounts On Google's Gmail App For Android

As it should be evident, you're going to neeD TO AHVE Xposed installed on your device for this to work. To increase attachment size for Android, head over to the download section of your Installer app and search for Gmail App Attachment Size, as shown in the image above. Tap and open the one offered by Esgie.

increase-attachment-size-for-secondary-email-accounts-gmail-android-app.w654Swipe over to the Versions tab, and download the latest version. After the installer screen pops up, hit install, and depending on your device and internet connection, you'll have installed the module in no time. You won't be able to increase attachment size just yet however, as soon a screen will pop informing you that in order to activate the module, you're going to have to reboot your device.

Once the process is complete, and your device reboots, you'll be able to use the benefits associated with today's module. Simply head over to your Gmail app and start composing an email. Once you reach the file attachment part, you'll see the standard 25 MB available to you regardless of the service you're using. Let us know how this works for you and what you think in the comments section below, and stay tuned for more.