Incognito Mode Rolling Out for YouTube on Android


Despite its association with all things shady, Incognito Mode is a pretty useful feature in itself. Very often, one wants to go off the record to search for something that isn't on the record. Knowing YouTube's recommendation system, every single search comes back to haunt you from time to time. Earlier, one had to use a browser's incognito mode function to access YouTube anonymously, but as of today, it can be done via the app. Incognito mode for YouTube was being tested earlier and is now witnessing a widespread release.

You need to update the YouTube app on your device to the latest version before you can see the option. Once you tap your avatar on the home page, you'll notice that the Sign Out button on the bottom of the page is now replaced with the “Turn on Incognito” option. When enabled, a prompt appears confirming that you have gone incognito. Subsequently, you can see the Incognito icon as your avatar icon in the top right corner, and a “You’re incognito” bar at the bottom throughout the app. To log back into your account, head back over to the same page and switch off incognito mode.

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Strictly speaking, Incognito Mode does little in the way of obscuring your browsing habits from your ISP, employer or the alphabet soup agencies. It might come in handy when someone else wants to use your phone and you don't want them seeing MLP fanfic videos in your YouTube feed. The only downside is that it logs you out of your account, so any YouTube Premium/Red memberships will be rendered useless. Incognito Mode is switched off after a period of inactivity, so you don't have to worry about accidentally keeping it on for longer than intended. Now, if only Google released a dark mode for YouTube. One can wish, right?

News Source: Android Police