iFixit’s Verdict Of HTC One M9: Low Repair Score And QC Issues


For HTC, rolling out a flagship handset would mean that the company would have to invest a large amount of effort in order to make sure that the device is fitted with world class hardware components. Now, we can either take the company’s word for it, or we can leave it to the big guns to deduce whether or not HTC One M9 is incorporated with the finest components that can be placed in a smartphone. From the valley of teardown experts, comes the squad from iFixit, who were able to get their hands on a fully functional HTC One M9 and tear it down in order to see where the company’s effort lie and where did they manage to start cutting corners. Here are the results.

HTC One M9 Gets 2/10 Reparability Score Along With QC Issues

According to iFixit, when they got their hands on the device, the teardown experts revealed a tiny scratch already present on the display, and keep in mind that the device was taken right out from the box. While the packaging was not up to the mark (which should not be worrisome as long as the smartphone is in top notch condition), iFixit did manage to find a defective pixel present towards the center of the screen, which can be speculated that the team might have gotten their hands on a defective unit. In order to confirm, HTC One M9 was further dismantled.

Carefully removing bits and pieces of the smartphone revealed a pleasant surprise; the tech firm did not end up using glue to stick the exterior of the One M9, which is the completely opposite to the approach that the company used with the original One handset. If a user ends up following the same methods that the iFixit team did for tearing down HTC One M9, they will be appalled to find that the motherboard is glued over the battery. In order to replace the battery, due to any reason whatsoever, the individual is going to have to pay close attention to the motherboard, because prying that off will be necessary to replace the battery.

The display panel was fixed in place with a very sticky substance so the team had to put in a fair amount of effort in removing that. As for the final score, the iFixit team gave 2/10 for reparability which is not unusual seeing as how the original One smartphone received a 1/10 rating. However, consumers who have intended to purchase HTC One M9 should be grateful that the company has introduced its HTC UH OH replacement program. Whatever QC issues the team experienced with the company’s flagship offering, we are still wondering whether or not the same ones will be present inside HTC One M8s.

Image sources: iFixit