Wccftech Deals – iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver Set & Jimmy Tool Bundle

We have covered several of teardowns of various smartphones, tablets and more recently, the Apple Watch. These teardowns are made possible due to the tiny little tools that can handle the sensitive and intricately put-together micro pieces fitted inside the latest gadgets. Wondering what are those tools and how you can get yourself some to repair and handle your beautiful but sensitive gadgets? Well, we have some good discounts on that too. Yep, we are awesome like that.

iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver set & the cool new Jimmy tool!

Every year we see new smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other technology devices. While these get super fast and super efficient, they also are getting thinner with every new iteration which essentially means the tiny hardware pieces powering them are getting tinier with time. How do you handle these to fix the gadgets without harming them? Cue, the iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver set...

This Pro screwdriver set includes all the tools that you will ever require to handle any tricky repairs or cleaning of your gadgets to ensure they run smooth like butter. Be it the complex insides of Apple gadgets or messy innards of Galaxy devices, this is the one and only tool set you will need. Here are the highlights of this iFixit Pro tech toolbox:

  • 15 fixed-bladed drivers, eliminating lost & misidentified bits
  • Perfect for easily tackling more than 90% of electronics repairs
  • Made with high-quality SVCM (Silicon, Vanadium, Chrome, Magnesium) steel shafts, rubberized handles & spinning caps
  • Built to increase grip, durability & corrosion resistance w/ black oxide tips
  • Collapses to a small on-the-go bundle

Now you are getting this awesome toolbox along with the popular Jimmy tool with a discount. Jimmy is known as the everything-opener as it can handle the tight adhesives that seal the hardware of smartphones and tablets. Its ultra thin blade and easy grip will help you get inside of every gadget that you may ever encounter.

Go get yourself the iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver set and the Jimmy tool (did we tell you there's a 39% discount!) to experience gadget repairs like never before!

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