If You Want To Run The Same App Twice, App Cloner Is What You Need

Ali Salman

You know you cannot download the same application twice from Google's Play Store. While some apps have support for multiple accounts, like Facebook Messenger and Instagram, others are restricted to only one. This may lead users to either sign out and log in with a different account or make use of another device. However, running modded APKs is another way of running the same app twice, but there are certain risks associated with it, as the source is unknown and potential errors and viruses could easily harm your device. With that said, if you want to run the same app twice, we have just the app which will allow you to do so.

App Cloner

Install And Run Two Same Apps At The Same Time Using App Cloner

App Cloner solves this dilemma by letting you clone an app and install its duplicate on your smartphone. Not just that, the app also enables you to modify the body and brains of the app. You can choose how a specific app's body double behaves and looks like. You can rename it to your need and change the icon of the app itself to differentiate it from the original.

App Cloner

Some users might not get the utility derived from owning two same apps in a single place. For instance, if you're running more than one Facebook account, signing out and then signing back in to a different account is quite a cumbersome task and takes away most of your time. If you're into smartphone games, you can have two different progresses for the same game. However, the most common use of the app would be to run two accounts simultaneously.

App Cloner

Personally, App Cloner did work for me as I have two Facebook accounts, a personal one and the other for work. Previously, whenever I tried to switch between these two accounts, the purpose died in-between. With App Cloner, all I have to do is open the app that carries my interest and it works perfectly fine.

App Cloner

If you think the clone app would intervene with system software, you can always hide the app from the app drawer. Moreover, you can also prevent it from setting as the default app when opening various links. So you don't have to worry about the app intercepting or coinciding with the original app. You have the option available to remove the clone's widgets and even lock the orientation to landscape or portrait. You can even password protect it and restrict permissions as well. basically, App Cloner has got you covered on any major aspect of control.

App Cloner


As helpful as the app may seem, there were several locations where the app failed to deliver its purpose. For instance, you cannot clone an app that uses Google Play Services, like Google Chrome. Moreover, some clone apps would force close themselves as soon as I opened them. However, the issues are imminent and bound to happen, but they don't pop-up on every clone app. The results of the app may vary as per an individual's use.

App Cloner

You can download the App Cloner from the Play Store for free. However, it is limited to a very few options. To unlock all of its features, the app has $3.99 worth of in-app purchases. Purchasing these IAPs would allow you to play with different kinds of settings and modify the app according to your preferences. Since the app does what Google doesn't want it to, there are chances that it might be removed from the Play Store. If it does, you can download the APK file from here.

App Cloner is definitely a very useful app at times of need and could save a lot of time from switching between different accounts. Have you ever felt the need to have two same apps running at the same time? Which apps would you clone? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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