IE9 Will Not Run On Windows XP

I am scared now of what Microsoft is going to do next. Microsoft Executives have made it clear that the latest and upcoming version of Internet Explorer version 9 will not be supported on Windows XP, period!

This is given with a reason that Windows XP does not have Direct2D feature of DirectX to support as it was introduced in Windows 7 and also ported backwards to Windows Vista. The IE9 platform preview given yesterday by Microsoft had an underlined message for all the Windows XP users and that was, upgrade your OS and give us some darn money.

Now at this point, I think that MS has finally contributed positively towards the declining share of its browser in the Internet industry. The users now have more and better alternatives to browse the Internet on like FireFox and Opera (yes Chrome too). With add-ons and plug-ins available for all these browsers, users can finally choose the best of all browsers thus it will not give Microsoft any advantage over others.

Last word, it is a good move on Microsoft's part to finally decide to let go of the past companion-ships of browsers with OS and its developer team can work with more focus to develop browser with lesser OS compatibilities. Microsoft also said that it had no plans (for now) to make IE9 for Mac or Linux users (like they care!)

Via: PC Mag

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