ID-Cooling Auraflow X240 RGB AIO Cooler Is An Amazing Steal For $79.99!

Evan Federowicz

The ID-Cooling Auraflow X240 RGB Sync AIO water cooler is an AIO cooler that will attach to almost any modern sockets motherboard and features a stunning design that makes use of RGB lighting.

The ID-Cooling Auraflow X is an AIO cooler for any socket for $79.99, Including Threadripper's TR4

This AIO cooler is a bit different than normal AIO coolers which are commonly designed for a specific socket type either being Intel or AMD's most recent socket type, with usually having an adapter for the other's companies most recent socket type as shown by the Corsair Hydro H100i, The Hydro is designed for Intel's socket type but comes with an adapter for AMD's most recent desktop socket type and costs $131.99.

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The Hydro doesn't come with any type of an adapter for TR4 (Threadripper socket), but the ID-Cooling Auraflow X does come with an adapter for the AM4 (AMD's desktop socket type) and for the TR4 socket, and for the low price of $79.99 when other TR4 AIO coolers cost $130.00.

Features of the ID-Cooling Auraflow X AIO cooler:

  • This AIO cooler supports many CPU sockets from both Intel and AMD
    • Full List of compatible CPU sockets:  Intel LGA2066/2011/1151/1150/1155/1156/1366 & AMD tr4/AM4/FM2+/FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2
  • This AIO cooler also is big enough to allow two fans on the radiator allowing the total CPU TDP that it can dissipate to be a staggering 250 watts (higher than any current desktop CPU uses)
    • This cooler does come with the two fans for the radiator, the fans also have RGB LEDs built into them
    • These fans do have variable speeds, which will make your system quiet during idle although the fan's top speed is 1800RPM, which helps dissipate the heat away from the radiator and the cooler inside the closed-loop.

While shown by this toms hardware article where this cooler is compared against the Coolermaster MasterLiquid ML240R and the Corsair H100i, this cooler did perform a bit worst thermal, while this is most likely due to the fans top RPM being 1,800 rather than 2,400 (the RPM from the Corsair H100i).

This is still an amazing deal at half the price of the Corsair H100i, and only a minor performance loss compared to going down to a 120mm radiator, which will result in a huge performance loss, but is at roughly the same price point as the ID-Cooling Auraflow X240 RGB.

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