iCon is a $20,000 built just for your iPad

Sep 24, 2010

Everyone loves the iPad right?, some people love it so much that they just skip the dating process of taking it to a movie and a dinner and straight away get in to bed with it (Literally) Well if your a hardcore fan of the iPad and want maximum comfort for you and your iPad all you have to do is buy a $20,000 bed called the "iCon" the bed is made by a company called "Hollandia" and it has many features JUST for your iPad, the head boards include 2 iPad docks, a 250-Watt amplifier hooked up to a sound system connected to 4 speakers, but not only does it shine in sound but Hollandia also claims that this bed comes with its own Bravia TV and even a hidden safe under one of the pillows called a SAFE-T.

Although the bed does look good and it does have some amazing features the price IS VERY STEEP, I'm all for buying a bed but the price is too much, for that price and even less I can buy a bed and all the things which are featured in the bed for less than $20,000. Seriously I have heard of overpriced accessories but this one not only takes the cake, it steals it at gunpoint.

Source: Tom's Hardware