Ice Cream Sandwich update for Motorola Droid RAZR CDMA leaked

Motorola's top end Android smartphone, the Droid RAZR, is rumored to get its much awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update next week. However if you're itching to get a preview of what this update might have in store then a ROM running Android 4.0.3 has been leaked. The system version on this is 6.14.75. The ROM includes all ICS apps, as well as several performance improvements and bug fixes. It also contains the updated Motorola Blur UI, although Motorola no longer calls it that officially. The ROM is for the CDMA version of RAZR only, and will not work on the GSM version.

The ROM isn't your usual flashable zip and the update procedure is tricker than usual. It WILL remove all your data/settings so be sure to back them up using something like Titanium Backup or similar. If you're still feeling brave then head over to XDA to follow the steps given.

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