Ice Cream Sandwich ported to N9 thanks to Project Mayhem


There's very little doubt about N9 being a scrumptious slab of plastic. It's utterly irresistible in terms of design and when Nokia went with Windows Phone instead of Android, it left a few Android fans in tears who had been longing for a high quality phone. Now if you're an N9 owner chances are you don't care much about Android anyway, but that hasn't stopped the folks over at NITDroid to port Google's latest and greatest onto this phone.

It's not you daily ROM since it's still in alpha stages but the basic stuff does work.

Things expected to work:
- dualboot kernel (without reflashing), ability to choose OS after power on.
- 3D drivers, OpenGL
- hwrotation (portrait mode only, accelerometer HAL doesn't work)
- touchscreen (multitouch)
- hw buttons (volume, power)
- ECI accessory (headset buttons)
- USB networking
- lcd off in sleep mode
- alarm driver, RTC
- mounting MyDocs as "SDCard" [realized; NOT FIXED, but HACK EXISTS]
- basic video decoding (sw) and playback, youtube (choppy)
- basic CellMo functionality: network registration, USSD, SMS, data (GPRS/EDGE/3G), signaling. Actually, ofono/ofono-ril stack is used: all things that it able to do on the n900.
- bluetooth (scanning, can pair devices. I didn't test deeper).
- charging (note: without any notification in UI)
- sensors: accelerometer
- audio: playback (audio routing to: loudspeaker, headset or earpiece)
- lights HAL (lcd brightness)
- root access (via adb shell; su/Superuser.apk)

Feeling adventurous? Head over to the original thread for steps to get ICS on your N9.