Today’s Deal: Unblock Streaming Sites Globally at Full Internet Speeds


As services like Netflix get global getting copyrights on local TV shows and offering more content, it becomes even more appetizing to be able to watch all that content without being restricted to specific regions. We have previously shared with you services like Getflix that are built to help you legally watch Netflix and other similar streaming services regardless of your location. Today, we bring another similar offer to you courtesy of Wccftech Deals.

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Lifetime subscription to ibDNS SmartDNS:

If you’re a business traveler, miles-and-points hobbyist, or an expat that wants to stream your favorite show, this service is made for you. The ibDNS / SmartDNS offers you unrestricted streaming globally, without the extra buffering lag usually caused by VPN’s. Why? VPN’s do a lot that you may not want or need, while a SmartDNS focuses in on the task at hand. It tricks geo-restricted websites so that you can watch content from anywhere in the world. All-day binge fests, here you come.

  • Stream your content w/ speed & reliability
  • Get TV channels from 16 countries
  • Unblock over 280 channels
  • Receive top-notch customer support for 5 years
  • Listen to radio stations anywhere in the world
  • Stream your favorite sports team live

ibDNS SmartDNS retails at $185. Wccftech Deals brings you a massive 67% off, which means you can get the luxury of accessing content anywhere you want for just $59.99. Available only for a few days, subscribe to ibDNS SmartDNS and unblock the power of streaming everywhere in the world at FULL speeds!