Hyper’s New USB-C Hubs for M1 iMac are Color-Matched and Clamp Snuggly Under the Display

Hyper announces color-matched USB-C hubs for M1 iMac

Hyper just announced a couple of new USB-C hubs for the M1 iMac and they are packed with all the ports you will ever need.

Hyper Announces Two New Hubs (5-in-1 and 6-in-1) for M1 iMac with 24-inch Display, Starting at Just $50

If there's one thing an average user will say, it's this; the new 24-inch iMac with M1 has a port problem. Sure, if that's how you want to look at things. But, thankfully, companies like Hyper aim to fix these 'problems' using USB-C hubs that give you extra ports without spending too much money.

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Right now, Hyper has two new USB-C hubs for the new iMac and their front plates are color-matched to the iMac you own so they do not look out of place at all, until or unless you want to break colors and add some spice to the mix. An orange hub with a blue iMac will look ultra pristine.

5-in-1 USB-C Hub for iMac

The first hub is fairly basic and it transforms one USB-C port of your iMac into five more. In total you get two extra USB-C ports capable of 5Gb/s data, two USB-A ports with the same speed and a USB-A port that is dedicated for charging stuff at up to 7.5W. And yes, this hub simply clamps under the display of the iMac so it never ever moves around when you are plugging stuff in or out.

Priced at $50, and given the fact that it is color-matched to your iMac, it's not a bad deal at all.

6-in-1 USB-C Hub for iMac

If you're a content creator then this is the hub you should be getting. It offers an HDMI port at the back with 4K60Hz output, a USB-C 10Gb/s port, two USB-A ports supporting 10Gb/s, SD card and microSD UHS-I slots. That's everything you'll ever need from a hub and it's packed right in.

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Again, you get the same fantastic color-matching faceplate and it attaches under the display of the iMac snuggly. It's priced at $79.99.

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