Apple’s iPad Pro Gets Its First Type-C USB Hub to Maximize Productivity on a Tablet

Hyper launches USB-C hub for iPad Pro

The recently released iPad Pro is the first Apple tablet to replace the proprietary Lightning port with the Type-C USB interface. This will enable support for third-party USB-C accessories and the good news here is that manufacturer Hyper has launched its first iPad Pro USB-C Hub with a 50 percent introductory discount.

Hyper USB-C Hub for iPad Pro Features Regular and New Ports

Hyper revealed a USB hub based on the power-adapter for MacBook last week, and now the line is being extended with the USB-C Hub for the iPad Pro. The accessory is compatible with both the new iPad Pro variants and will be available in matching gray and silver colors. It will also work with cases such as the Smart Keyboard Folio. It will start retailing next month and fetch $99.99. However, if you sign up for email alerts on the dedicated product page, the price will be reduced to half.

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When attached, the dock goes on the side of the screen and it has some common ports that you usually see on a laptop such as USB-A, and USB-C PD ports, and an HDMI port. Additionally, it also has an SD and microSD card slots, as well as the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is not a part of the iPad Pro anymore. However, the functionality of the connected device may be limited. For instance, when a USB thumb drive is attached, iOS might now display it as external storage and a third-party app might be needed to import documents.

The dock also has a replaceable and removable C-shape grip which can hold the USB-C hub securely in place without scratching the surface of the new tablet. Hyper is known for making Apple and mobile-related accessories. If you are interested in purchasing the iPad Pro and maximizing your productivity, you might want to give this accessory a try.

Buy the Hyper USB-C Hub for the iPad Pro

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