Huge Mortal Kombat XL PC Patch Improves Netcode, Balance Tweaks, Widescreen Support & More


Warner Bros. has dropped a huge Mortal Kombat XL PC patch which brings the PC version up to par with its console counterparts. Furthermore, the update includes an improved netcode, balance tweaks, technical improvements and much more.

Many PC gamers felt betrayed when Warner seemed to have dropped support of MKXL on PC. While the console versions of the game were steadily improved, and updated with new content, the PC version was left behind.

Through one gigantic PC patch, Warner is now trying to restore some of the Mortal Kombat love on PC. You can check out the official patch notes on Steam and on the official Warner MKXL page. The Mortal Kombat XL PC patch weighs in at 28GB.

Parity with console patches up to the 10/4/2016 update: http://community.wbgames.com/t5/Latest-Updates/Patch-Notes-10-4-16/ba-p/1297392

Enhanced net code implemented

Resolved blockers that could occur if the user disabled the Steam overlay

Resolved issue which was causing sizable FPS drops in certain environments

Resolved various cases where wrong resolution was being set

Improved Widescreen support

Improved DSR support

Improved game warning messaging

Improved auto-configuration- feature now sets v-sync to variable across all set ups to reduce/remove screen tearing and optimize performance

Improved High and Very High Shadow quality

Improved black crush

Fixed King of the Hill spectator view brightness

Fixed various occurrences that led to an incorrect FPS lock

Added proper button prompt support for various devices

Added tool tips to PC Video options menu

Added Borderless Window Mode

Removed half-rate adaptive V-sync

Removed Frame Smoothing option from PC graphics menu

Removed incorrect and duplicated resolutions

Fixed various online desyncs

Fixed various crashes

Kombat Pack 2 has also been released for Mortal Kombat XL PC, and adds five new paid characters, including Leatherface, Alium, Goro. The pack is currently discounted on Steam for £7.49/9,99€/$9.99.

General reactions to the new patch are positive on Steam, and we can only hope that Warner will keep treating the PC version the same as the console versions.