Huge AMD “Llano” Fusion APU Launch Presentation Slide Leaked

A huge launch presentation slide has been leaked which details AMD's upcoming Llano Fusion APU's pricing strategy and technical specs. The leak was originated at where all the slide presentations were revealed. According to info from ardOCP, this document is called "AMD Fusion Strategy Guide" dated May 17 2011 and is likely from the recent event AMD held in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Only a certain amount of people were invited and one them looks to have leaked the presentations. You can check out details below:

As we already know, AMD Llano Fusion APU's (Accelerated Processing Units) would feature an embedded directX 11 graphics chip with Quad and Dual Core Processors models. Consuming lower power, They would also provide higher battery times. The lineup would consist of G-Series (Embedded solutions), C/Z Series (Mobile and Tablet solutions), E-Series (Notebook and Form Factor Desktops) while the A-Series would be targeted towards Mainstream Notebook and Desktop users.

Another slide details the pricing comparison of Intel's i Series processors with Llano chips, Looks like AMD's key market focus would be on the A Series A-6/A-4 APU's which would compete against the i3 lineup from intel, A complete A-6 system would cost around $599+, A-8 would be placed against i7/i5 at $699+ while lower end E-Series ($399+) against the Pentium and C-Series (<$399) against Celeron/Atom processors from Intel.

The new A-Series Accelerated Processing units would feature Power gating and Turbo Core 2.0 support, When compared the AMD A8-3510MX which would be the fastest A-8 series chip would feature 4+ hours battery time then the Intel i5 2410M. The new embedded radeon HD chips would feature unprecedented power with Turbo core technology and upto 200-400 stream processors featuring UDV3, DX11, Open CL, AMD Vision and Image Enhance. More details are included in the slides below:

More slides here, More information on AMD Fusion below:

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