Huawei Is Relying on AT&T to Get Its Mobile Chipsets Accredited by the Carrier


Huawei is the third-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world by shipments, trailing behind Samsung and Apple. The Chinese tech giant does sell its phones in the U.S. but if its flagship devices start getting sold through the region’s carriers, then it will be able to deliver a huge blow to both Apple and Samsung. The company is now relying on AT&T for accrediting its Kirin chipsets, but it looks like there are several hurdles to scale before Huawei is successfully able to sell phones through this channel.

Huawei Trialing Its Kirin SoCs With AT&T – Previous Tests Have Been Proven Unsuccessful So far

As stated before, Huawei is already selling its smartphones through retail channels and directly to customers via their website, so what advantage would the tech giant have in securing a partnership with a U.S.-based carrier? For starters, if carriers start to approve handsets made by Huawei, they can start selling them with their logo etched on the back of the phone as well as offer customers special discounts and freebies that will make people more amenable towards the purchase.

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Individuals looking at a high price tag of $699 that just includes a smartphone and its accessories is more likely to turn down the purchase if they have something better to choose from. The potential is limitless for such Chinese manufacturers, which is also the reason why Xiaomi intends to enter this region. Handsets like the Mi Note 2 International Version are compatible with a wide range of LTE bands but you will have to acquire them through overseas retail channels, and shipment and other costs might drive up the total price that you might have to pay.

Before Huawei is to sell devices through AT&T, the carrier would have to accredit the Kirin chips before negotiations can even begin. Furthermore, it has yet to be confirmed if Huawei is pursuing carriage at T-Mobile or the CDMA carriers and at this point, and we do not even know if Kirin chipsets are going to be compatible with CDMA connectivity.

Would you like to see future devices from Huawei being sold through carriers? Let us know your thoughts right away.


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