Apple Might Be in Trouble This Year as Far as Sales go – Huawei Sets an Ambitious Goal to Ship 200 Million Phone Units for 2018


Last year proved to be a successful one for Huawei as the company managed to ship 153 million smartphone units worldwide, becoming the third largest smartphone maker in the world after Apple and Samsung. However, Huawei now wants to surpass Apple with an ambitious goal in mind; 200 million shipments for 2018.

Apple Sold 215 Million iPhone Units in 2017 - Huawei Inching Closer and Closer to Its Rival’s Numbers

This plan was revealed by Huawei’s CEO Chengdong at an Honor Play launch event held in China recently. He appears seems quite confident about achieving the plans and to be honest, it makes sense. The company grew by 51 percent between 2010 and 2017. These numbers show it will not be too hard for the company to achieve a growth rate of nearly 25 percent in 2018, according to people close to this information.

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However, the second quarter of the year is crucial for the company. The second quarter of the year is usually the company’s strongest in terms of shipments because of the launch of its P-series smartphones.

It usually reflects how the performance would be over the rest of the year. If Huawei successfully achieves its plans it would come closer to Apple, which shipped 215 million smartphones in 2017. Reportedly, Apple is expected to ship 20 million fewer iPhones this year as it has told its suppliers to cut reduce orders. As a result, the overall figure is expected to go down because of the declining popularity of high-end smartphones.

Huawei’s ultimate goal will be to surpass Samsung at the moment. However, the company is struggling to set up a strong market presence in the United States and is targeting Asia and Europe at the moment. Even after being practically locked out of the U.S., Huawei is still able to do very well. Samsung is very popular in the U.S. but Huawei is the number one smartphone manufacturer in China, which is the biggest market in terms of sheer volume.

It also has a high market share in Europe and India, largely because of its affordable Honor brand. In fact, the Honor 10 was sold out in an entire continent in just 24 hours, while the P20 and P20 Pro managed to rake sales worth $15 million in just 10 seconds. These numbers show that Huawei certainly means business.

However, It is too early to comment on the feasibility of the company’s ambitious plans before the results of Q2 2018 are here. Still, Huawei’s track record is highly impressive and it might become the second-largest smartphone maker in the world by the end of the first quarter of 2019. Do remember, the manufacturer did obtain the number two position for a brief period.

News Source: MyDrivers