HTC Sensation system dump shows locked bootloader

Well considering the recent pattern in HTCs phones this was almost a given. But deep deep down our geeky hearts we were praying this wouldn't turn out to be true. Alas it is! The folks at Androidpolice have gotten their hands on a system dump of the HTC Sensation which lead to this unfortunate discovery.

What does this mean for us? Signed or locked bootloader means no rooting, no custom ROMs or kernels. You're essentially stuck with a completely stock phone, which no one even remotely geeky is interested in. You recently saw how the Galaxy S2 was overclocked to 1.5 Ghz, that's only possible through rooting. What made the original Desire so popular was the fact that it was so easy to root and hack. Even now it's single handedly the most community supported phone. I don't know what HTC is thinking locking down their phones or what they hope to achieve out of this. The move makes no sense and it will only hurt HTC, which for future's sake I hope it does so that they can get their act together. Galaxy S2 is more powerful and has more features and most importantly it's easier to root so I can't really imagine why anyone would want to go for HTC Sensation at this point in time.

Poor move HTC, you probably lost a lot of pre-orders for this.

Source: Androidpolice

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