HTC One X receiving software update version 1.28

Owners of unbranded HTC One X are now receiving a software update that bumps the software version to 1.28. The update is not global yet, with only a few people reporting a successful update, mostly residing in the UK. You can manually check for update by going into settings>software version>software update. Don't worry if you don't have it yet since incremental updates like these are slowly pushed out. Though HTC has not provided a change log, it has been posted on XDA.

  • Builddate 14 april 2012
  • New HBOOT 0.94
  • New RADIO 1.26.401.2
  • Force GPU still not working
  • Sense Calander widget crashing fixed
  • HTC Calander double dates has been fixed
  • EA Games app not included
  • Speed improvement
  • HTC Sense not crashing anymore
  • Screen glitches are gone
  • Playing Tegra3 optimized games feels better now, have not had any lag yet
  • No 3.x kernell 🙁
  • HTC Gallary playback goes smoother
  • NvCPLSvc.apk not fixed :S
  • ICS detection improved, dots removes in Youtube app
  • Beats audio improved, no more skipping
  • Non-Sense widget scrolling is now smooth
  • Live Wallpaper pausing while going to other pages is still pressent
  • HTC Teeter running smooth now
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