HTC EVO 3D no longer coming to Vodaphone

Jul 28, 2011

Remember HTC's 1.2Ghz dual core, 3D phone, the EVO 3D? Well HTC has issues with supplying the phone and due this Vodaphone UK will no longer support the phone and it won't be part of Vodaphone's 3G smartphone lineup. This should be bad news for people intending to buy the EVO 3D, however Vodaphone says it has some "interesting" stuff coming up soon which should make up for it.

There’s been speculation recently regarding availability of HTC EVO 3D. We can confirm that due to delays in the launch of the HTC EVO 3D, we no longer intend to include the device in our smartphone range. We’ll be contacting any customers who registered their interest shortly.

We realise this might come as a disappointment, but we’ve got some really exciting handsets in the pipeline. Keep an eye on our coming soon section for all the latest information about the products coming to Vodafone.