HP Omen X Is a Powerful Gaming Machine Who’s Internals You Can Comfortably Upgrade Overtime

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HP Omen X upgradable gaming laptop

Gaming laptops are limited when it comes to upgradability but with the unveiling of the HP Omen X gaming notebook, things are expected to take a different direction according to the manufacturer. However, keep in mind that this little convenience of upgrading components might cost you a pretty penny, but if you desire to have powerful components stacked in a mobile and portable gaming machine, then there should be no reason for you to complain.

Highest Configured HP Omen X Model Comes With an Overclockable Processor but GPU and CPU Will Remain Soldered to the Mainboard - Here’s What the Company Means by Upgradable

If you’re confused about what HP wants you to think then no, you will not be able to upgrade the GPU or CPU but there is a convenient way for you to upgrade the RAM, HDD or SSD. The company claims that without needing to disassemble the entire notebook, users will be able to access the special back panel secured by Philips-head screws, which will reveal all the components that can be swapped out with better-performing parts.

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The HP Omen X might still be limited to housing 32GB of DDR4 memory so if you require more memory than you will have to invest in a desktop. The starting price of the gaming laptop is going to be $1,200, in which you get a 1080p 120Hz panel on a 15.6-inch screen plus an i7-7700HQ, a GTX 1070 GPU and 8GB of RAM. As you move up the price range, you will be able to configure an i7-7820K, GTX 1080 GPU, 32GB of RAM and NVMe SSD storage for the ultimate storage upgrade.


You also get Thunderbolt 3 ports at the rear side so if performance will start to erode from the graphics processors due to additional visually demanding games being released in the future, you can always stick to eGPU solutions for that extra performance gain.

The Omen X relies on mechanical switches that have been developed exclusively for this laptop and provides the clicky tactile feel that will be similar to Cherry MX Blue switches, if not exactly the same. The notebook will be available to purchase during the month of November, giving you sufficient time to save up money for your desired configuration.


News Source: HP

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