HP’s OMEN Sequencer Keyboard – Game At The Speed of Light With Optical Mechanical Switches For $149

Abdullah Saad

Keyboards are one of the most wear-heavy components of any PC build and usually a single key can ruin a perfectly good gaming keyboard. The reason why all keyboards eventually wear out is because they use mechanical switches whose mechanism eventually breaks down. This is a problem that is going to be there for pretty much any switch that uses a membrane or plastic mechanism. HP's OMEN Sequencer keyboard is a work of art, built of one of the finest materials with individual keys guaranteed to last 10x longer than traditional switches.

HP Omen Sequencer keyboard comes with a very sturdy brushed Aluminium top-plate, volume rollers and optical Blue switches - all for $149 ($30 value free shipping and returns)

Optical switches are a pretty new player to the keyboard market and are one of the most significant innovations in keyboard tech for pretty much the last decade. Using light as the actual swtich means any commands are transmitted instantly with zero input lag. For gaming purposes this is the absolute ultimate in input technology. The HP Omen Sequencer keyboard makes use of blue optical mechanical switches for the perfec blend of technology and experience.

Here are the technical specifications of the HP Omen Sequencer Keyboard:

  • Blue Optical Mechanical RGB Switches (50g actuation force)
  • Brushed aluminum top-plate.
  • 70 million keystrokes
  • Zero Input Lag
  • 0.2 ms travel distance
  • N-key rollover with 100% anti ghosting
  • 5 dedicated Macro keys
  • 1000 Hz polling rate
  • 6.5 feet braided cable
  • USB Port

All in all these are excellent specs and the build quality is some of the best you will ever see (the keyboard feels very solid in the hand and lets just say its so sturdy that it can be used as a blunt weapon). The OMEN branding and aesthetics are beautiful and there are a wealth of customization options avialable.

Ofcourse the hardware can only be as good as the software and even here HP has done its homework. The OMEN command center allows you to manually configure over 16.8 million color configurations and control practically any effect of the keyboard that you want. The long volume key is also ideally shaped and placed for optimal media experience.

Buy the HP Omen Sequencer keyboard now for $149 ($30 off with free shipping)

HP is offering free shipping and returns ($30 value) so you can try out the keyboard with absolutely no fear!

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