HP 4th of July Killer Deals: $780 OFF On AMD Vega Laptop For $519, NVIDIA GTX 1650 Laptop For $750 And More! [Last Day]

Note: All deals are valid only while stock lasts and during the mentioned time frame. This is a paid-for, sponsored post. We do not collect any commission on sales.

HP's 4th of July Sale is finally live and you can find some truly scrumptious discounts on there including some amazing laptop deals. Some laptops are off by more than $700 and these deals will last for the next couple of days till COB July 4th. Be sure to head out to the full link and browse all the deals that are present there.

HP's 4th Of July Sale Is Live! Desktops, Laptops, Instant Cameras, Printers and More! Up to $780 flat off the list price, full list here

You can check out the full list of discounts by clicking the link above and then navigating using the panels which most suits your needs. This includes “Top Deals”, “Laptops”, “Desktops”, “Business PCs”, “Printers”, “Monitors” and “Accessories”. You can then sort the deals by % discount or $ discount and there are some truly presidential discounts lurking.

Navigate to the deals page using the link above and then click any of the sections. HP is offering discounts of up to 60% off the list price.

Handpicked Deal 1: Intel 9th Generation HP Omen Laptop With NVIDIA GTX 1650, 144Hz 1080p HD IPS Panel and 256GB SSD - 45% More Gaming Power For Just $750 ($250 Flat Off)

Okay, so it doesnt get better than this. You can now get 45% more gaming power than the old GTX 1050 with the new GTX 1650 4GB Graphics card for just $750. This laptop usually retails for $1000 but HP is offering a flat $250 off the list price including free shipping and this is absolutely great value right now. Considering this is an Omen branded laptop you are going to get a killer cooling solution and aesthetics to go with the laptop.

A 144Hz IPS Full HD panel is included in the price as is a 9th generation Intel Core i3-9300H which is more than capable of driving this GPU. 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD is also included (we recommend upgrading the RAM to 16GB). Buy this now before the deal expires over here.

Handpicked Deal 2: AMD Ryzen 5 HP Pavilion Laptop With Vega 8 Graphics , 16GB RAM And 256GB SSD For $780 OFF - Buy Now For $519 (Upgrade to Full HD screen for just $40) with Free Shipping

The first deal we have is one AMD fans will love. For $519, you can get a laptop rocking an AMD Ryzen 5 2500U quad core processor clocked at 3.6 GHz with Vega 8 graphics. The GPU is more than powerful enough for casual gaming and MOBAs and the baterry life on this thing should be great. 16GB of RAM (which is 8GB more than usual base configurations) will make sure you have enough RAM to go about your day and a 256 GB SSD will ensure lightning fast boot up and snappy interface performance.

This laptop usually retails for around $1200 but during the 4 of July sale you can get this for just $519. We would suggest paying $40 more and getting the 1080p HD IPS upgrade.
Or do you prefer Intel chips instead? You can get the same $519 deal with an Intel Core i7 laptop and an Intel UHD 620 graphics solution with 12GB of RAM. Buy it here.

Handpicked Deal 3: Intel 9th Generation HP Pavilion Laptop With NVIDIA GTX 1050, 144 Hz 1080p HD IPS Panel and 256GB SSD For $150 Off - Buy Now For $639 with Free Shipping

Okay, so this is a really good deal. HP is offering $150 off on its already decently priced entry-level gaming laptop that can easily handle AAA games on low-medium settings and MOBAs on very high. The GTX 1050 chip is the first entry level gaming chip and offers a powerful punch without eating into battery life.

The packaged 9th Generation Intel i3-9300H offers high performance with a huge battery life and will make sure that your game keeps chugging along. 8GB of RAM is included in the base configuraiton although we would suggest upgrading this to 16GB. A 144Hz, 1080p G-SYNC panel is included in the price so that is absolutely great! You can buy this right now for just $639.

Handpicked Deal 4: AMD Ryzen 3 HP Pavilion Laptop With Vega 3 Graphics, 12GB RAM and 256 GB SSD For $250 Off - Buy Now For $389 with Free Shipping

Maybe you are looking for a deal that is easier on the wallet. Well, in that case, look no further than this AMD Ryzen 3 HP Pavilion laptop with Vega 3 graphics support. 12GB of RAM and a 256GB of SSD makes this your perfect travel companion that does not break the bank. You can buy this laptop now for $389 with free shipping.

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