HP Elite x3 Holiday Bundle Shelves Off More Than $300 on Your Entire Purchase


The HP Elite x3 is one of the most expensive handsets to purchase in the market, and even more so if you decide to purchase the whole bundle for extending your workplace. However, Microsoft has made things extremely simple for you because it has introduced a massive discount for an entire bundle. If you’re the kind of person who wants to use a Windows 10 Mobile setup to replace their desktop work environment with this one, then you should definitely take a look at what the deal offers you.

The HP Elite x3 Holiday Bundle Offers a Total of 5 Products With Massive Price Savings of Over $300 – Here Is Everything You Will Be Getting in the Bundle

As mentioned above, you will be entitled to a total of 5 products from the HP Elite x3 Holiday Bundle, and those products are as follows:

  • Unlocked HP Elite x3 Smartphone
  • HP Elite Desk Dock
  • HP Elite Lap Dock
  • HP Elite Case
  • HP Elite Screen Protector

This is really hard to imagine, considering that an unlocked Elite x3 will set you back by nearly $700, even more so if you decide to purchase the whole bundle to replace your current setup. Regardless, the total bundle will come to a total price of $1,149, meaning that you will save a total of $312 should you decide to purchase it. To recap on the products that you will be getting in return for the aforementioned price, the Desk Dock is just another name for the Continuum Dock, while the Lap Dock is a small display that you get that will allow you to connect your smartphone and bring your entire work environment to the new setup.

It is a very impressive bundle to be offered, considering that HP and Microsoft are not known to providing massive discounts on stuff like this. The Elite x3 is also the most powerful Windows 10 Mobile device that you will find, running a Snapdragon 820, and featuring a massive 5.96-inch QHD panel. Would you be interested in purchasing something like this in order to replace your current work setup? Tell us your thoughts right away.