HP’s Back To School Sale: Exclusive Discounts Up To 61% Off, AMD Vega Laptops Starting From $389, NVIDIA Gaming Towers From $700

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Summer holidays are drawing to a close and HP is holding it's annual back to school sale on its store right now. Apart from the usual free shipping on laptops, they are offering some great discounts going all the way up to 61% straight off the list price! You can grab some truly great deals for AMD and Intel laptops (with NVIDIA or AMD GPUs) for as little as $389. If you are a gamer or just a student looking for a great all-rounded package, look no further!

HP Back To School Sale 2019 Is Now Live - Click Here For The Full List Of Deals

You can check out the full list of discounts by clicking the link above and then navigating using the panels which most suits your needs. This includes “Top Deals”, “Laptops”, “Desktops”, “Business PCs”, “Printers”, “Monitors” and “Accessories”. You can then sort the deals by % discount or $ discount and there are some truly presidential discounts lurking.

Navigate to the deals page using the link above and then click any of the sections. HP is offering discounts of up to 60% off the list price.

Handpicked Deal 1: HP Pavilion x360 with Intel Core i5, UHD 620 GPU and 512 GB SSD bundled with a carrying sleeve and mouse for $699 ($356 flat off!)

This is a great deal for someone looking to head to university or back to school. A powerful Intel Core i5 8265U ULV processor powers this notebook along with a strong integrated GPU that is powerful enough for casual gaming and certainly powerful for any homework. A carrying sleeve and a dedicated mouse is also bundled in this package along with 512GB of NVME SSD! This is almost double of what you would otherwise get and would keep your machine humming along lightning fast as those assignments stack up. Get this now for $699.

Handpicked Deal 2: HP Laptop 15z with AMD Ryzen 3, 12GB RAM, Vega 3 graphics and 256GB SSD only for $389 ($390 flat off!)

Or are you someone that wants the absolute max bang for your buck without breaking the bank! In that case, this HP Laptop 15z powered by the AMD Ryzen 3 processor is more than capable of doing the job. 12 gigs of RAM would ensure that it has some extra leg room for memory heavy tasks and the Vega 3 onboard graphics would allow you to do some casual gaming. It comes with a standard 256 GB SSD so you shouldn't have to worry about any sluggishness or slow boot speeds! This is a truly great deal at just $389.

Handpicked Deal 3: HP Omen Gaming Laptop 15t with 4GB NVIDIA GTX 1650, 9th Generation Core i5 and 15.6 inch Full HD display only for $749 ($250 flat off!)

Maybe you scoff at the word "casual gaming" and want a laptop that can handle AAA games and still have decent battery life? In that case, look no further than the Omen 15t equipped with NVIDIAs latest GTX 1650 GPU which is more than capable of playing most AAA games at mid settings. Considering the screen is a Full HD IPS affair is also an added bonus (compared to the 1366x768 you usually get with budget laptops). A 9th generation Core i5 9300H powers this gaming beauty and is more than capable of handling the compute involved. We would recommend upgrading the 8GB of ram however because this can be eaten up quite quickly. You can get this now for just $749.

Handpicked Deal 4: HP Omen Gaming Tower with GTX 1660 Ti 6GB for $999 ($359 flat off) or HP Omen Obelisk Gaming Tower with GTX 1060 3GB for $699 ($200 flat off)

If you are out shopping for towers than HP has something for you as well. If you want a bit more gaming horsepower than the GTX 1660 Ti 6GGB powered HP Omen gaming tower is available for $999. This includes the Core i5-8400 (which is more than capable of handling the compute for most AAA games) along with 8GB of RAM and 1TB of HDD space. We would recommend getting more RAM and a 256 GB SSD for the OS partition if you go for this. You can get this for just $999.

Alternatively, if you are a bit cash strapped, you could go for the Omen Obelisk gaming tower with a GTX 1060 which also has very decent gaming performance and also features the same Intel Core i5-8400 processor, 8GB RAM, and 1TB HDD. Just like before we would recommend upgrading to 16GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD for the OS partition. You can get this for just $699.

Handpicked Deal 5: AMD Ryzen 5 Laptop with Vega 8 graphics, 16GB of RAM and 256GB SSD for $509 ($790 flat off)

We saved one of the best deals for last! This amazing AMD laptop powered by the Ryzen 5 quad core processor and more than capable Vega 8 graphics would keep a casual gamer and student happy for quite some time. The 16GB of RAM means you will be able to chug through just about any everyday task and still have memory to spare and the included 256 GB SSD means there would be no stuttering and lightning fast boot times. Windows 10 OS, like all the other deals above is also included in the package. HP is giving an astounding $790 off the list price here and you can grab this laptop for just $509.

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