You Can Scan Documents from Control Center on iPhone and iPad [Tutorial]

Uzair Ghani
Scan documents instantly from Control Center on iPhone and iPad

We will show you how you can quickly scan documents straight from the Control Center on your iPhone and iPad.

Instantly Scan Documents Straight from the iPhone and iPad Control Center

Apple has made scanning documents a piece of cake on iPhone and iPad. Just fire up the Notes app, select Scan Documents, scan said documents, save them and then view them anywhere thanks to iCloud.

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However, there's an even faster way to scan documents using your iPhone and iPad. The magic happens from Control Center using a simple toggle switch. Once launched, you will jump straight into the viewfinder, ready to scan documents; no more fiddling with the Notes app initially for it.

Here's how you can get this feature up and running right now.


Step 1. Launch Settings from your iPhone and iPad Home Screen.

Step 2. Tap on Control Center.

Step 3. Add the Notes control from this page to Control Center.

Step 4. Bring down Control Center by swiping down from the top right hand corner of the display. That gesture would be a swipe up if you have an iPhone with a Home button.

Step 5. Find the newly added Notes switch.

Step 6. Press and hold on the Notes button until you see more options.

Step 7. Now tap on Scan Documents. That's it.

This is the quickest way to scan documents using your iPhone and iPad. If you want to take the regular route for scanning documents, then you have to start off by launching the Notes app, create a new note, select the 'Scan Documents' option and then move further from there.

Not exactly convenient.

Thanks to this button in Control Center, everything is a tad bit tolerable compared to the regular way of scanning documents. In fact, you can even scan documents from the Lock Screen using this feature, which is just an added bonus on top.

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