You Can Increase Magic Keyboard Trackpad Scrolling Speed on iPad Pro and iPad Air

Uzair Ghani
How to adjust Magic Keyboard trackpad scrolling speed

Magic Keyboard trackpad too slow on iPad Pro and iPad Air? Here’s how you can speed it up in a few taps.

You Can Adjust the Magic Keyboard Trackpad Scrolling Speed on Your iPad Pro and iPad Air from iPadOS Settings

If you want a complete (or at least near to it) laptop-like experience on iPad Pro or iPad Air, then the Magic Keyboard accessory is the way to go. It’s fun to use, requires no setup and works the moment you attach your iPad Pro or iPad Air to it.

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You can further improve your experience with the Magic Keyboard by customizing it through the iPadOS software. For example, you have the option to manually adjust the backlighting of the keys. Or, you can just leave it to the default, automatic setting for a ‘it just works’ experience.

Furthermore, Apple managed to squeeze in a tiny trackpad on the Magic Keyboard and it works as good as the one on the Mac. It features gestures, there’s a satisfying click to it when you press on it and so on. You even get the same buttery smooth scrolling which Apple is famously known for.

However, while the default scrolling behavior is good enough, but you have the option to speed it up further if you like. Basically, if you don’t want to flick fast in order to scroll faster, you can adjust it in a way that it scrolls down quicker with less effort. Here’s how you can adjust the scrolling speed of the Magic Keyboard trackpad.


Step 1. Launch the Settings app on your iPad Pro or iPad Air with the Magic Keyboard connected.

Step 2. Now tap on Accessibility on the left hand pane.

Step 3. Find the option called Pointer Control on the right. It’s under the Physical and Motor section.

Step 4. You’ll the Scrolling Speed slider at the bottom. If you don’t see it then you likely don’t have the Magic Keyboard connected. Connect it and the option will show right up.

Move the slider to the right to increase scrolling speed and you can slow things down by sliding towards the left. Make the necessary adjustments and then simply close the Settings app once you are satisfied with your choice.

If you do not like the trackpad for some reason, maybe it’s just a little small for anything, then you have the option to navigate around iPadOS using a mouse. Just pair one with your iPad and you’ll be scrolling and pointing at stuff in no time.

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