View Your HomeKit Security Camera Feed on Apple TV Running tvOS 14

View your HomeKit camera live feed on Apple TV running tvOS 14

Want to view your HomeKit security camera’s video straight on your Apple TV running tvOS 14? You can do it, and it’s super easy.

tvOS 14 Lets You View Your HomeKit Cameras Live on Apple TV

Apple has been utilizing the Apple TV as a hub for your HomeKit smart home for a long time now. But that was the entire story. You couldn’t view camera feeds, there was nothing special about the Apple TV except that you could use Siri to control devices that are scattered across your home. But with the introduction of tvOS 14, HomeKit is becoming more meaningful on the big screen.

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If you have a smart doorbell installed with support for HomeKit and someone pushed the ring button, you would get a notification on your iPhone, iPad or even your Mac, but on the Apple TV? Nothing. Now though, all of that changes with live previews.

But the feature is not limited to doorbells at all. If you have a smart security camera, you can view the live feed straight on your big screen TV too and keep an eye on what’s happening in your home or office. It’s super convenient and if you have a smart camera or two installed in your home or office, we will show you how to use this feature.


Note: The camera you are trying to view must be HomeKit compatible and added in the Home app using your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Step 1. Turn on your Apple TV and make sure you are connected to the internet and are on the same network as your HomeKit devices.

Step 2. Press and hold the TV button (next to Menu) on your Apple TV’s remote to bring up Control Center.

Step 3. Scroll down and tap on the Home button.

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Step 4. Here you will see all the available cameras. Select one and you can view the feed live, full-screen. If you have customized scenes, they will show up here as well. Press the Menu button if you want to dismiss the full-screen live feed.

Though this feature is absolutely wonderful, my only gripe with it is this: why doesn’t Apple allow us to view accessories on tvOS like on the iPhone, iPad or Mac? I’m super hopeful that tvOS 15 will ultimately make this glaring wrong absolutely right. But until then, we can make do with favorite scenes and camera feeds straight on the Apple TV running tvOS 14.

Being able to view camera feeds on the Apple TV makes perfect sense especially if you want to view everything on a larger canvas instead of the crammed canvas of your phone or tablet. Now that you know what tvOS 14 is capable of doing, take the feature for a spin.

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