Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong: How to Keep Hunger Under Control


Hunger plays a crucial role in Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong. This value grows each time you use a Discipline during a dialogue or exploration. Each vampire must satisfy this need; otherwise, they will eventually lose control and kill the nearest human, resulting in unpleasant consequences. Let’s see how to avoid that.

Where is the Hunger level displayed?

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The Hunger level is always visible during the gameplay, as it is placed in the top left corner of the screen, in purple, and marked with a skull. When this value is close to its limit, the bar starts flashing. In order to continue using your skills without worrying about reaching or going over the limit, you should never exceed three-quarters of the bar.

How to feed yourself

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong lets you keep the Hunger level under control by feeding yourself with humans or, in cases of emergency, animals. However, before drinking the blood of a human being, you need to find a Safe Zone. Here, you can satisfy your needs without being seen by anyone.

Safe Zones are available throughout the whole game and can be found by exploring the surroundings of an area. When you identify one, the game will let you know that with a message and an icon displayed in the upper part of the screen. However, you can send only one prey at a time in the Safe Zone, so you may need two or more of them if you wish to drink more than once (and believe us, you will).

Once the Safe Zones have been found, you need to find a suitable human to feed yourself and interact with them by using a specific command with a recognizable icon next to it. Remember to hunt isolated prey whenever possible: going after humans surrounded by potential witnesses will irremediably increase the Suspicion level.

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How the Hunt works

After approaching and subduing a human, they will follow you to the Safe Zone. You can control the amount of blood you drink with a mini-game: all you need to do is press and hold the button displayed on the screen and release it before the bar is full. If you don’t press it or release it too late, the prey will die, and the Suspicion level will increase.

After drinking, the mortal will stay in a state of unconsciousness. You may use them to feed yourself again, but remember that, in this case, the human will die, and your level of Suspicion will go up accordingly.

How to feed yourself with animals

You will explore many different zones during your adventure, and you will eventually find some animals to feed yourself: rats. However, they are not the best choice for your character. Eating rats has some advantages: you don’t have to find a Safe Zone before drinking their blood, and you don’t have to worry about killing them. Just go near them and press the corresponding button.

Unfortunately, simply doing that will cause your Suspicion level to increase automatically because this behavior is frowned upon by other vampires.

How to lower your Hunger with items

During exploration, you will eventually find some items that can be accessed through the Inventory menu and used to eliminate Hunger. Generally, each of these consumables lowers the Hunger level by 2 points. There aren’t many of them scattered through your adventure, so the best way to satisfy this need remains the Hunt. However, items represent an excellent ace in the hole for critical situations.

What Happens if the Hunger level reaches the limit

If you can’t eliminate the Hunger in time, the character you are playing with will lose control and release the Beast: a force within that pushes them to serve their baser instincts. They will do everything to satisfy their Hunger and eventually kill the nearest human, even if crucial for the success of their mission. Be sure to always keep your Hunger levels under control; otherwise, you will put the Masquerade at risk and will have to face unpleasant consequences.

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