Stop Links in Messages from Showing up in Safari on iPhone, iPad


Are links shared in the Messages app showing up in Safari under the Shared with You section? Here's how you can turn the feature off.

Stop Your iPhone and iPad from Showing Shared Links in Safari's 'Shared with You' Section

Although Apple is all about privacy and whatnot, but it really loves to show you stuff everywhere on iPhone and iPad that has been shared with you in Messages, as long as you have the latest iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 software updates installed. For example, if someone shares a photo or video with you, it will show up in your Photos app. If someone shares a News app link with you, it will show up in the News app. But the final boss is this; links shared with you in Messages showing up in Safari.

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While the last one is an amazing thought as it lets you revisit links later, but it can prove to be a national embarrassment at times. Trust me, you'll eventually get there. That's why some of you are wondering how you can turn the feature off. It's very, very easy to do. Just pick up your iPhone or iPad and read through.


Step 1. Launch the Settings app.

Step 2. Scroll down and open up Messages.

Step 3. Now tap on Shared with You.

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Step 4. Over here turn off the Safari option.

If you want to turn off the feature for all apps, then simply flick the Automatic Sharing switch to the off position. It will stop shared songs from showing up in Music, photos and videos in the Photos app and so on. Basically, it's a universal kill switch for the sharing feature across apps.

The one thing I always make sure remains turned off is the Photos switch above all else. You'll be surprised how strange your photo library can start to look if everything shared with you simply shows up in the Photos app every single day. Sure, it's a good effort from Apple's end, negating the need to go through the hassle of saving photos, but it just doesn't work every single time.

At this point we're convinced that Apple is not going to roll back on this feature in any iOS or iPadOS update. Instead, Apple will likely work on making everything that has been shared with you instantly visible, so you have to make less effort getting to the information that could prove vital to you. Whether that's a good thing or bad, is completely up to you.

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