Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How To Prepare For The Expansion and Access It

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak adds new features, monsters, and biomes to the game, new challenging quests, a new home base called Elgado, and much more. However, players that want to join the adventure need to complete the Hunter Rank 7 Hub Quest “Serpent Goddess of Thunder” in the base game before being able to start the new expansion’s quests.

Moreover, equipment and gears might need to be upgraded before dealing with new monsters, as they are more challenging than the ones in the base game. In this guide, you will find all the information you need to prepare for Sunbreak and access the DLC.

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Complete the “Serpent Goddess of Thunder” Quest

You must complete the HR 7 Urgent Hub Quest called “Serpent Goddess of Thunder” and beat the Thunder Serpent Narwa to access the new expansion’s content. This monster is extremely powerful but not invincible. She has her elemental weaknesses: Dragon and Ice. If you have no weapons of such types, you’d better use something with high attack power and affinity. Try to hit her chest, wingarm, and abdomen when they’re exposed, as you will deal a decent amount of damage. You will know where to aim because they will glow during the fight. Her head is vulnerable, as well.

She will fly most of the time, so use your Wirebugs to reach her weak points and deal damage with melee weapons. However, If you use ranged items, you will probably have an easier time beating her. You can also use Cannons, Ballistas, and Machine Cannons when available, just like the ones you find in Rampage quests. They can help you stun the monster, and you will be able to hit Narwa freely.

Beware of her attacks: most are ranged and have an enormous radius, so you can’t just run away and hope they won’t catch you because they probably will if you don’t dodge them properly. Once you beat her, you will get exciting rewards and will be able to start playing Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Level Up Your Buddies

Your buddies stand by your side during combat, make you move faster, and have many skills and abilities they can use to help you complete quests faster. Before you start Sunbreak, you should level them up to 50 by bringing them with you and successfully wrapping up quests. Alternatively, you can visit the Dojo and spend experience points. Be sure to upgrade their armor and weapons as well, so they will be as helpful as possible during the game.

Have (At Least) One Good Build

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak introduces the Master Rank, with higher difficulty quests and monsters to beat. Before playing the initial expansion’s quests, make sure you have at least one strong build you can use against newer enemies. Choose the weapon that best suits your playstyle, upgrade it and then select the armor and decorations accordingly.

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The Sword and Shield, for example, will allow you to perform fast combos, while the Dual Blades will let you activate the powerful Demon mode. The Great Sword is slower but deals great damage, just like the Hammer. The Switch Axe can be used as an Axe or a Sword, depending on the mode you activate, making it a powerful item. The bow is perfect if you prefer to attack from a distance and deal ranged damage.

Once you’re ready and have beaten the Thunder Serpent Narwa, you can start your journey in MH Rise: Sunbreak. Stay tuned for more guides coming soon!

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