How to Use Google Messages on Your Computer

Furqan Shahid
Use Google Messages on Your Computer

At the moment, if you are looking for a good messaging app, then Google Messages on Android is one of the best and latest services. You are getting an old-school messaging app with RCS capabilities, allowing you to have a great overall experience. The app is loaded with some amazing features, and it also allows you to link your Google Messages to your computer. If you are wondering how to use Google Messages on your computer, this tutorial is for you.

Now, we all know that Google does have its own desktop operating system. However, you do not need to have Chrome OS to send messages from your computer. All you need to have is a web browser and here is how you can use Google Messages on your computer to send messages.

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Send and Receive Messages by Using Google Messages on Your Computer

It is important to know that some phones in the world do ship with Google Messages being the default SMS app. The same is the case with my Galaxy S22 Ultra and some other devices such as Google Pixel phones. However, the same cannot be said about every other phone. So, in case you do not have Google Messages on your phone, I'd suggest you download it from Play Store and follow the guide.

Step 1: On your computer, head over to Google Message's website.

Step 2: On the top right, you will find the Messages for web button, simply tap that.

Step 3: A new link will open, asking you to open the Google Messages app on your phone and follow the instructions below.

Step 4: Now open the Messages app.

Step 5: Select Device Pairing from the overflow menu that you can find in the top-right corner.

Step 5: In the next window, simply go ahead and tap the QR code scanner button.

Step 6: This will open up a QR code scanner, now you have to point the phone's camera to the QR code that is showing up on your display. Both the webpage and the Messages app will reload and in a few seconds, all your inbox will now appear on your browser.

That is all, folks! For everyone who has been wondering about how to use Google Messages on your computer, this is the easiest way to do that and it does not require you to jump through any hoops, either. You can do everything that you would be able to do on a standard app, including sending and receiving texts, deleting threads, and more.

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