How to Turn off and Optimize Visual Effects on Windows 10

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If you are a power user who prefers to take out every last bit of performance from your PC then that most certainly is possible by disabling the visual effects on Windows 10. The pros of turning off animations do outweigh the cons in terms of performance but in terms of aesthetic appeal, not too much. This method can turn out to be handy for users with computers that are low on RAM or processing power, primarily entry-level notebooks that are used for traveling or day-to-day tasks. Here are two ways on how you can disable and optimize visual effects on Windows 10 to boost performance:

Using the System Properties to Disable Visual Effects

  1. Open the Start menu and type run in the search bar. Click on the Run app to proceed.
    • how to disable visual effects on windows 10
  2. Type the command sysdm.cpl in the Open: bar and click on OK.
  3. Switch the tab to Advanced by clicking on it in the System Properties menu.
  4. Select the Settings… option within the Performance tab to continue.
    disable visual effects on windows 10
  5. Choose the Adjust for best performance option to turn off all the visual effects that are listed below.
  6. Click on Apply and OK to save the changes.
    change visual effects settings in windows 10
  7. To help you understand what you’re opting for, here is an example as to what your text layout would look like before and after applying the above-mentioned settings.

Using Ease of Access to Optimize Visual Effects

  1. Open the Start menu and type control panel in the search bar. Click on the Control Panel app to proceed.
    Optimize visual effects on windows 10
  2. Select Optimize visual display under the Ease of Access menu in the Control Panel.
  3. Scroll down and check the box for Turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible) under the Make things on the screen easier to see menu. Click on Apply and OK to save the changes made and exit the menu.
    disable visual effects on windows 10

Turning off the visual effects in Windows 10 can result in a performance boost for underpowered or older devices running Windows 10. This feature can also be accessed on previous iterations of Windows i.e. Windows 8.1 and 7. This could also revamp your experience on Windows tablets as the interface would now be more responsive.

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