How to Stop WhatsApp Auto Download


It did not take long for WhatsApp to become one of the most used instant messaging apps out in the market and to be honest, there are a lot more reasons for one to start using this app than not. Users are allowed to engage in audio or video calls, group conversations, and even professional engagement. I am aware of so many people who have been using WhatsApp as a primary means of communication for business and it never stops. However, one of the things I do not like about WhatsApp is that by default, the app is set to download all the media that you receive; this goes for both audio and videos. Now, if you are not in a lot of groups or talk to a lot of people, things are fine. But if you have people sending you memes, cat videos, and more media left, right, and center. You might start running out of storage space rather quickly.

Thankfully, WhatsApp does allow you to turn off the auto-downloading; the feature has been a staple for the longest time. However, thanks to several overhauls the app has received, it has moved its place a number of times in the settings and that can be confusing for a lot of people who are just trying to save some storage space.

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Stop WhatsApp Auto-Download and Only Store the Images and Videos You Want

The process is rather simple and should not take much of your time but honestly, it makes the overall user experience a lot better and you do not have to go to your gallery every other day to find unwanted media just sitting there and you asking yourself when did this get here, in the first place.

Step 1: Start by opening WhatsApp.

Step 2: Once you are in the app, tap the three dots on the top right corner.

Step 3: Now tap on Settings. 

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Step 4: Once you are in the new menu, the next step is to tap on Storage and data.

Step 5: in that menu, you will see an option called Media visibility. Open each of the three options, and simply untick everything.

Once you have done, you can simply go back and start using WhatsApp as you normally would. After this feature is turned off, every time someone sends you media, you will have to open the chat and manually download it.

This might seem like an unintuitive feature but it is really helpful for anyone who is trying to save their phone from the clutter that WhatsApp can cause if there are too many people sending you a lot of media.

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