How to Sign Out Instagram Account if You’ve Sold Your Phone


Sold your phone or gave it away and forgot to sign out of Instagram? Here's how you can sign out your account using another device.

All Hope is Not Lost - You Can Sign Out Your Instagram Account Using Another Phone in a Few Easy Steps

We've all been in that situation - you sell your phone without performing any sort of reset, just quickly signing out accounts as you see fit, and boom, you're done. That is the worst possible way to get rid of a phone, really. And if you manage to do just that and left your Instagram account signed in worried that your private life is now in tatters, then don't panic just yet, as you can still sign out of that device which is no longer with you.

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How do you do that, you ask? It's simple - just follow the steps outlined below.


Step 1. This step is the most important one. Sign into Instagram using a new phone. It can be either an iPhone or an Android phone. Any would do as long as you can sign into your account.

Step 2. Tap on your profile tab at the bottom right hand corner.

Step 3. Tap on the three lines at the top right hand corner.

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Step 4. Tap on Settings.

Step 5. Tap on Security.

Step 6. Now select Login Activity. Here you'll see a list of all the devices you're signed into. Tap the three dots next to the device you want to sign out and then tap on Log Out.

The login activity page gives you a weird insight into all the devices you've signed into. It's actually quite surprising, in fact. We tend to sign into a web browser and think we're only limiting ourselves to a phone, then all of a sudden some random tablet shows up too which you've left signed in because someday you'll get back to it. It's a good idea to log out of such places just as a precautionary measure.

While the above method is a great way to sign out, but it might become a huge problem if you have two-step authentication enabled and managed to lose your SIM card, too. In that case you have to keep your emergency verification codes handy in order to sign into a new device or secure a new SIM card with the same phone number associated with your Instagram account. This is extremely important otherwise you won't be able to log in (in order to log out) at all.

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