How to Remove AirTag From Your Apple ID Account Before Selling it


An AirTag is a very useful accessory that you can attach to your belonging in order to track their location. Announced a few days back at Apple's Soring Loaded event, the AirTag is priced at $29. In addition, you have the option available to buy a four-pack for $99 which will save you some extra bucks. If you happen to have a lot of AirTags at your disposal and want to sell them, you should remove them from your account before doing so. If you are not familiar with the method, follow the step-by-step instructions below on how to remove an AirTag from your Apple ID account.

How to Easily Remove an AirTag From Your Apple ID Account in Simple Steps

If you have decided to sell your Air Tag or just lend it to your friends or siblings, you should first remove it from your Apple ID account. If you do not do so, the AirTag will continue to report its location on your account. The process to remove AirTag from your Apple ID account is fairly simple and you do not require the use of a computer whatsoever. All you need to do is find the right settings and you are good to go.

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Follow the simple steps below to see how you can remove an AirTag from your Apple ID account.

1. The first thing you have to do to remove an AirTag from your Apple ID account is open the Find My app.

2. Head over to the Items tab.

3.Tap on the Item that you want to remove.

How to Remove AirTag account From Apple ID

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4. Now, tap on Remove Item, then tap on Remove to confirm.

5. You will see an "AirTag Not Found" or "Item Not Found" message it is because your item is out of the Bluetooth range of your device. Tap Remove.

This is all that you have to do in order to remove an AirTag from your Apple ID account. We know the process is fairly simple but you will have to do this if you are willing to not use your AirTag anymore. Moreover, there is no other method to remove an item from an Apple ID. Also, if you are interested, check out the AirTag teardown that reveals that the item-tracker is "impressively compact."

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