How to Move Multiple Tabs to a New Window – Chrome Tips 


Some things may be super straightforward but if you don't use a product or a certain function frequently, chances are you will end up going with a more complicated route than the simpler solutions. With Chrome and our obsession of opening 100s of tabs, it often becomes an extremely tedious process to manage things. Sometimes to trick ourselves into focusing on the task at hand, we end up moving a few tabs to a new window to give ourselves some semblance of tidiness amid the usual browser clutter.

Until group tabs become a norm, here is how you can move around multiple Chrome tabs instead of individually selecting and dropping them onto a new window.

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Move multiple Chrome tabs to a new window

There are two ways to select multiple tabs. If you want to choose specific tabs in your current window, click on the first tab, hold the command () key on macOS or Ctrl button on Windows 10, and keep clicking on the tabs you want to move around.

Once done selecting, either drag down to open them all in a new window or right-click for more options, which includes option to:

  • Reload them all
  • Duplicate them
  • Pin or mute them
  • Open them in a new window

If you don't want to select specific tabs but a group of tabs, you can click on first tab, hold the Shift key (on both macOS and Windows), and click on the last tab you want to choose. All the tabs in between will also be selected. Similar to above, if you want to move them to a new window, just drag them down or right-click for more options.

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Along with using Shift to select a group of tabs located together, you can then add more to that group by using the Command or the Ctrl button, depending on your operating system.

In some cases, selected tabs don't appear to be highlighted, but don't worry, even if you don't see them being highlighted, just right-click and you will see the options or drag them down to open them in a new window.

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