How to Find Which Website is Selling Your Data

Find Which Website is Selling Your Data

Everyone who has ever used Gmail or any other email address can tell that spam emails are perhaps the worst and, in most cases, most annoying as well. Almost every day, we receive a lot of them, and while a few of them are good for humor, others are downright annoying, and in some situations, are phishing attempts, as well. However, have you ever wondered where and why these emails are dropping into your inbox? Today, we help you how to find which website is selling your data with this simple trick.

Now, the trick only works for Gmail as far as my testing has allowed me to figure out, but if you want to find which website is selling your data, the trick is really, really simple.

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Find Out Which Website is Selling Your Data Through a Simple Gmail Hack

Now, you do not have to do a lot to figure out how this hack works. Do note that I am not talking about the subscribed emails. I am talking about the emails that you have not signed up for.

So, for instance, your email address is You can sign up on any website using your email address and adding a + sign after your email. So, it would look like

Any emails that you will receive at the given email address will still go to your main address, which is, but they will also show up on the+facebook when it is delivered to your inbox. Every time you go ahead and create an account on a website, add +facebook or the website of your choice.

Now, check for the spam and junk emails that you receive, and when you do see the sign, that is going to be the website that has sold your email address.

Of course, this information might not be enough for a lot of people but for those who hate receiving spam, this certainly is a useful thing to know about how our data is sold to the websites.

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