How to Enable Blue Light Filter on Windows 11 Systems


Studies have shown that the blue light from your devices’ screen can cause various issues like eye strain, blurry vision, dry eye, etc. Since most of us now spend hours in front of one device or another, whether for work or entertainment, there is a high probability of facing these issues. Luckily, most devices allow you to filter this light and ensure that eye health is not affected. This tutorial will show you how to enable a blue light filter on Windows 11 systems.

Enable Blue Light Filter Windows 11

The process to enable this filter is very simple. Just follow the steps below:

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Step-1: Click on the Windows icon on the taskbar. Then select the Settings cog. (You can also open the Settings app using the shortcut keys: Win + I)

Blue Light Filter Windows 11

Step-2: Ensure that you are in the System Settings from the left pane.

Step-3: In the System settings, select the Display option from the right pane.

Display Settings

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Step-4: Turn the toggle switch On next to Night Light. Once you turn the switch On, your screen will immediately shift to warmer colors.

Blue Light Filter Windows 11

Customize Filter

If you wish to enhance the warmth, reduce it or even schedule the filter, you can easily do it.

  1.  Follow all the steps above 1-3.
  2.  Click on the Night Light option. (Do not click on the toggle switch)
    Night Light
  3.  Use the slide bar next to Strength to change the warmth of the filter. You can choose anything from 0-100. At 100, your screen will be very orangish.
  4.  Turn the toggle switch On next to the Schedule night light.
  5.  Select the hours you wish to have the night light filter on.
    [As you can see from the image below that you can set hours according to what you want, and you can also choose the Sunset to Sunrise option depending on your location. For the latter option, ensure that your location is On]
    Blue Light Filter Windows 11
  6.  After you are satisfied, close the Settings app.

I hope this helps improve your sleep cycle and your eye health issues in the future. Let us know in the comments below.