How to Enable and Customize Dark Mode on Windows 10

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The dark mode has been a growing trend lately as more apps and operating systems are migrating to this theme ranging from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to macOS, iOS, and Android 10. The Dark Mode theme was first introduced in Windows 10 a couple of years back and has since then significantly improved.

The two primary benefits of Dark Mode on Windows 10 are energy efficiency and less eye strain. Dark mode basically puts out majority of the blue light that is likely to hinder your viewing experience in low-light situations. Wondering how to switch to the Windows 10 Dark Mode? Here's the quick and easy to way to do that.

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Here is how to enable Dark Mode on Windows 10

  1. Open the Start menu and type settings in the search bar. Click on the Settings app to proceed.
    turn on dark theme on Windows 10
  2. Select the Personalization tab in the Settings menu.
  3. Click on the Colors tab in the Personalization settings to continue.
    How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10 File Explorer
  4. Click on the drop-down menu from the Choose your color tab.
  5. Switch from Light to Dark to enable Dark mode on Windows 10.

Customizing Dark Mode, Accent Colors, and more

  1. To customize your Dark Mode preferences, click on Custom instead of Dark in the above Step 5.
    Dark Mode Theme In Windows 10
  2. There are two ways to customize Dark mode: one is Choose your default Windows mode whereas the other is Choose your default app mode. You can cycle between the Light and Dark themes for both of them. The default Windows mode is where the Start Menu, Taskbar, and other open windows can be turned Dark. A preview is available for the changes that you will be selecting underneath the Colors menu.
  3. Transparency effects are listed just below the Choose your color option in the Colors panel. Turning it off means that your Windows menus and the rest of the interface would not be translucent anymore to allow the menus beneath to cast a shadow.
  4. Accent color is defined to establish a certain mood or color temperature of your PC running Windows 10. You can either choose from a library of predefined color palettes or you could select a custom color manually.
    Windows 10 Dark mode update
  5. The last feature is the Show accent color on the following surfaces menu which lets you opt for whether or not you want the accent color to be visible in the Start Menu, Taskbar, Action Center, Title bars, and window borders.

Customizing the layout of your PC has never been this easy as there have been significant improvements and bug fixes in the Dark Mode on Windows 10 over the course of time making it near-perfect.

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