How to Disable Windows 11 Startup Sound


When you start up your system, you will hear the Windows start up sound. If you don't like it, you can mute your computer completely, or you can do a permanent fix by disabling the startup sound off. The process is simple, and it won't take long. This tutorial will show you how to disable Windows 11 Startup Sound.

Disable Windows 11 Startup Sound

It will take only steps to turn off the sound completely. After turning it off, you always have the option of enabling it again if you wish. Just follow the steps below:

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Step-1: Click on the Windows icon on the taskbar and select the Settings cog. (You can use shortcut keys Win + I to open the Settings app as well)

Windows Settings

Step-2: Once the Settings app opens, click on the Personalization option in the left pane.

Disable Windows 11 Startup Sound

Step-3: Once the personalization settings open, click on Themes in the right pane.

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Disable Windows 11 Startup Sound

Step-4: Click on the Sounds option as shown at the window's very top.

Disable Windows 11 Startup Sound

Step-5: A new window will open up. Uncheck the Play Windows Startup sound box.

Step-6: Click on Apply and then press OK.

Sound Settings

After this, the sound will be disabled, and you no longer have to worry about hearing it again when you turn on your system. If, however, in the future, you change your mind and you wish to enable it again, you have to follow all the above steps and check the Play Windows Startup sound option again.

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