How to Connect Your Windows Laptop to a TV

Zarmeen Shahzad
Connect Windows Laptop To TV

We all love a good movie or binge-watching session on our laptops, but your large screen TV cannot replace the ‘theatre experience.’ Even though over the years, the quality of laptop screen resolution has increased. Still, these features rarely ever win against a good TV’s sharp resolution, colors, large dimension, and of course, the overall experience. If you want such an experience, you can always connect the Windows laptop to a TV and enjoy a good night with friends, family, and even alone.

Connect Windows Laptop to a TV

There are two ways to connect your computer to the TV and enjoy a good binge session. You can either use an HDMI cable, or you can connect with Miracast.

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HDMI Cable

  1.  Locate the HDMI ports on your laptop and TV. This is what an HDMI port looks like:
    HDMI Port
  2.  Plug one HDMI cable connector to the laptop’s HDMI port that you located on the side of your laptop in the first step. This is what the HDMI cables look like:
    Connect Laptop to TV
  3.  After this, connect the other end of this HDMI cable to the TV’s port.
  4.  Using the remote control of your TV, switch mode to HDMI.

Once you change the TV mode to HDMI, you will view your laptop screen on your TV. Now stream a movie, watch a downloaded season or even stream music and enjoy it on a large screen display.

Connect Windows Laptop to TV Using Miracast

Another special Windows feature, Miracast, allows your laptop to connect to your TV wirelessly. This way, you don’t have to worry about finding an HDMI cable and looking for the ports.

Step-1: Open the Settings app using the shortcut keys Win + I.

Step-2: Select the Devices option using Windows 10 or select the Bluetooth & devices option on Windows 11 from the left pane.

Step-3: Select the Add Bluetooth or other device option on Windows 10. Click on the Add device option if you are on Windows 11. The image below shows the Add device option on Windows 11:

Laptop Connection with TV

Step-4: Select the Wireless display or dock option.

Select Dock

Step-5: You will get a list of available devices. Select your TV from there.

Step-6: You may be asked to pair your devices using some password or pin code. This can vary from TV to TV. As soon as the devices connect or pair, you will see the laptop’s screen on the TV.

I hope this helps. Let us know in the comments below.

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